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Hi, my name is Ashley, am new to blogging here. I wanted to start a blog compiling my thoughts on certain subject matters that interest me or create my own thought experiments of selective and odd things that I enjoy thinking about. I enjoy language, so I thought defining or describing different thoughts/ideas/concepts the way my mind sees them would be a great way to start a discussion with anyone who’s willing to enhance upon my thoughts, discuss them, give feedback, or create with me! Hopefully some of the thoughts will peak your interest, too!

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Creative writing on the afterlife; what’s your interpretation and choice of philosophy?

Hello all. Today, I want to share some short creative writing and have fun with creating a hypothetical interpretation about the afterlife, though still pulling from the philosophies and religions that exist. How can we reach the afterlife? How can we mix all the philosophies and religions together to create what the world has beenContinue reading “Creative writing on the afterlife; what’s your interpretation and choice of philosophy?”

About Me:

Previously a student, I was unable to finish school due to developing my schizophrenia. In my free time I enjoy reading, writing and practicing Buddhism and mindfulness. Part of my path of recovery involves finding ways to become more resilient and ways to keep pushing forward with optimism and creating a stronger sense of self through this journey. I thought starting a blog could be my creative outlet and help me explore more of the things I love. So, let’s create!

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